We look for original (never before published) articles that fall under one or more of our “Critical Targets”

  1. Great Commission
  2. Great Compassion
  3. Healthy Congregations
  4. Healthy Workers

Guest Article Do’s

Prior to Writing

During Writing

  • Optimum Length is 300-500 words
  • Use Your Own Voice (humor is ok, but don’t feel like you have to be funny)
  • Break up content (http://www.kerryr.net/webwriting/structure_scan‐read.htm)
    • Short paragraphs
    • Bullet points
    • Lists
  • Provide a subhead for about every 3-4 paragraphs. Group your content for skimmers.
  • Use personal experience w/o violating confidentiality.
  • Provide Links to Sources/References within the article
  • As you’re writing, consider what keyword in your article could be linked to previous blog posts and other information around the web
  • Ask questions of the reader
    • Try to conclude with a final thought/conversation starting question
  • Find a “Featured Image” that tells the story
  • Provide 5-6 “Tags” or keywords that summarize this blog post, include with delivery.

After Writing And In Between Posts

  • Share Your Article to Friends, Family
  • Share Your Article to Social Media
  • Get honest critiques from family, friends, & colleagues
  • Watch for and Respond to Comments on the Post
  • Find and read other similar blogs, what content is “sticky”
    • To write quality blogs, it helps to read ‘great’ blogs

Guest Article Don’ts

The Timeless Don’ts of Writing Articles for the Michigan District, LCMS

  • DON’T Write out a Sermon
    • Folks can get that elsewhere and this isn’t the venue
  • DON’T Ever be negative
  • DON’T Write long paragraphs (more than 5 sentences)
  • DON’T Plagiarize… EVER
  • DON’T State a personal view on an organization or individual without stating that it’s your personal opinion views and does not necessarily reflect the Michigan District, LCMS


  • We don’t guarantee to publish your submission, but it will be reviewed.
  • We reserve the right to edit the post as needed for style, content, length, etc.
  • By submitting a post to us, you are affirming that the content is original to you, the author. (In certain circumstances, we will accept material that has already been published. If you feel like this should be the case for your article, please state where and when it ran when you pitch your post.)
  • We don’t pay for guest articles
  • You will have an opportunity to add a short bio (2-3 sentences) and a picture.

Submit Your Post

If you agree to everything above, please feel free to submit an article.