Zeile Elected Co-President of Michigan’s State Board of Education

Zeile Elected Co-President of Michigan’s State Board of Education

At its bi-annual post-election meeting held on January 10, 2017, in the Lansing Capitol complex, Michigan’s State Board of Education elected Rev. Dr. Richard Zeile of Dearborn as one of two co-presidents, along with Dr. Cassandra Ulbrich of Rochester.

In the last six years, Dr. Zeile has served as Michigan’s representative to the national Association of State Boards of Education and served the national organization in a number of capacities, including policies committee, member of the Deeper Learning Study Group (2013), Chairman of the Rural Education Study Group, board member for the Midwest region, and currently on the publications committee. For Michigan’s State Board he has served as Treasurer, a member of the health committee, and at a number of ad hoc groups, including Teacher of the Year, Administrator of the year, and graduation speaker.

Dr. Zeile is author of When Lutheran Schools Close (2014), a study of Detroit parochial schools in the declining urban setting, as well as articles on charter school law, and the voucher concept. Rev. Zeile has served in various capacities of the State Board of Education for six years. He serves as pastor and headmaster at St. John’s, Taylor and he is a proud member of the Grand Club, which supports the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit.

Dr. Zeile is pictured (right) with State Superintendent Brian Whiston and Co-President Dr. Cassandra Ulbrich.

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