Baptism Splash

Baptism Splash

11-year-old Dionna was baptized at the lake

4-year-old Brady came to the water to remember his Baptism

At St. Paul Community, Pontiac we had 160 children attend our Vacation Bible School on July 30–August 3. During VBS, I talked about how Jesus rescues us through Baptism. As a follow-up, we planned a Baptism Splash Sunday for those who wanted to be baptized and those who wanted to experience a remembrance of Baptism. I offered Baptism at the Baptismal font at church or at the lake. I told them that the power of Baptism is not how much water you use, but the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word of God. So they could choose to have a little water at church or as much water as they wanted at the lake!

Eight people signed up to be baptized and two signed up for a remembrance of Baptism. One of them chose Baptism at the lake and the other seven chose to be baptized at church in September. On Sunday, August 19, we held a short service of singing and a teaching on Baptism, and then we headed out to SchoolHouse Lake. An eleven-year-old girl was baptized with a LOT of water by immersion. And when I invited people for a remembrance of Baptism, there were not just two people, but five! One was a four-year-old boy whose mom was thrilled that he wanted to remember his Baptism. Another was, amazingly, a first-time guest to St. Paul who said she did not want to miss this opportunity for remembering her Baptism! Go God!

The Baptism celebration was followed by a BBQ cookout and potluck meal for all to enjoy. It was an awesome day for St. Paul as we celebrated God’s saving grace and power through His gift of new birth in Baptism and we experienced fun and friendship as the family of God.

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  1. Dan Bale

    Since when do LCMS Lutherans rebaptize? You call it a “remembrance” but you appear to use all of the physical signs of baptism.

    1. Michigan District
      Michigan District

      Thank you for your comment, Dan. Lutherans certainly do not re-baptize, but water can be used in remembrance of one’s Baptism–for example, we often see that practice at churches that have the baptismal font at the entrance of the sanctuary, where people dip their fingers in the water before crossing themselves.

  2. Rod Otto

    All I can say is “Wow” and Jesus is very happy! Me too! I had the pleasure of “splash” baptizing in the Lutheran Church in Guatemala many years ago in a mountain lake. That experience renewed my appreciation of baptism and the Holy Spirit at work in the Lutheran Church today! Keep on keeping on!

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